Vue 3 new features summary - Pitayan. The Vue 3.0 is faster, smaller, maintainable source code, easier to use, and more native-friendly now. Wondering what the key features and changes of Vue 3 are? Composition API, Fragments, Portals, and Suspense, to name a few. New features in Vue CLI 3.0 ☞ #VueCLI #vue #javascript - New Features ⭐️ - Exposes ... // Vue 2 Vue.set(this.character, 'newProperty', propertyValue) // Vue 3 this.character.newProperty = propertyValue Adding a new property object. Create route. Filip Rakowski goes over all the shiney new feature that are coming in Vue 3 As you could expect, Vue 3 brings a lot of new exciting features. For better performance, Vue 3.0 features a rewritten virtual DOM and compiler-informed fast paths. Vue 3 has brought many new exciting features that will make us enjoy Vue even more, so let's look at some of them. Deleting an object property // Vue 2 Vue.delete(this.character, 'propertyName') // Vue 3 delete this.character.propertyName will be able to detect any kind of object or array mutation and new data types like Maps and Sets can be reactive. Vue.js is a view only JavaScript Libray. The Composition API is one of the most significant changes. But with Vue 3’s new features, it’s likely to upgrade our projects to an upper level. A first application of these low-level facility is a Vue 3 template explorer, which You claiming that the new API allowed him to build in a single afternoon. It is now under release candidate stage which means there won't be big changes on the open APIs. Composition API, Fragments, Portals, and Suspense, to name a few. There are some added new features and improvements as following:- Vue 3 isn’t officially released yet, but the Vue team has released the Alpha version to use some of the features that will be shipped with Vue 3. Read more. Before we start coding, let’s go over the new features in Vue 3. It’ll take advantage of new abilities in modern browsers for better performance and use. What’s New in Vue 3.0? The official documentation is now available! Comment below Click here to read the full article and learn about some of the most exciting new features in Vue 3. Portals; Teleport; Fragments and more ;) To watch the full free Vue 3 course covering this and other features visit my academy page: It has been 6 years since the first version 0.6 of Vue Js was released. I guess the most thrilling feature in Vue 3 would be the composition APIs. Server-side rendering is two to three times faster, based on benchmarks simulating typical scenarios. The project aims to include all the new features. Get an overview of key new commands and functionality, including the --modern flag and the graphical user interface. Best of luck! The Vue team decided to rework the proposal and reversed those statements, ensuring that both APIs would coexist and once again, made it clear how much they rely on community and user feedback. Filip Vue 3 was officially released on September 18, 2020 with improved performance and some exciting new features.. because these are the things everyone comes in contact with and uses. The Vue.js Core team is bringing some exciting new features in Vue 3. Composition API. After Months of being in beta stage Vue v3 stable version is finally released, because of that let’s see what differences does this new version make and why vue is now an even better framework than before. We’re going to be taking a look at some of these features in this article. There is also updated documentation for this new version, which Vue published alongside its migration guide. It helps with logically grouping related fragments of components. My teammate has been working with Vue for a long time and he wrote a piece on both the features themselves and how to migrate to Vue 3 from earlier versions. Since then the community has grown and it is now in the top 3 most popular JavaScript frameworks to use. Vue-next (Vue 3) has been out for a while. To see the full list of updates visit official Vue documentation. / 4ヶ月. New Vue 3 features and how to migrate It took quite a while for Vue 3 to finally come out but the long wait was at least partially made good by the sheer extent of new Vue features introduced. This is the latest version of Vuex, released in May of this year with some amazing features some of which are capabilities that allows inspecting vuex state in standalone devtools with non-browser environments such as NativeScript. Vue 3: Top 5 New Features. Thankfully Vue team mostly introduced additions and improvements over current APIs rather than major changes so people that already know Vue 2 should quickly feel comfortable with new syntaxes. Title: New features in Vue Js 3.0. Similar Checkout the Vue – A Beginners Introduction to Vue.js. The long-awaited Vue 3 has finally entered the release candidate (RC) stage, which means that no new features or breaking changes will be implemented, only bug fixes and improvements. TypeScript support. Vue 3 is scheduled for release in Q1 2020. Some of the new features that we can discuss and learn to implement in this article include: Composition API (Now built-in) Multiple root elements (Template syntax ) Suspense The ITZone platform Vietnam is the community for anyone interested in news, training seminars, presentations etc in the IT industry According to Gregg Pollack and Adam Jahr, who were in the audience, “Vue 3 will be an improved evolution of the Vue.js we already know and love”. With the release of Vue 3, developers have to make the upgrade from Vue 2 as it comes with a handful of new features that are super helpful in building easy-to-read and maintainable components and improved ways to structure our application in Vue. Analysis of new features of Vue 3 Posted by white99 on Wed, 24 Jun 2020 05:25:20 +0200 It is known that the current stable version of Vue is 2.6.x, and the subsequent version is 2.7.x (part of vue3 content is added). New features in Vue 3 Vue 3 is faster, smaller in file size, and equipped with better TypeScript support. A demo for Vue 3 new features. If you do, keep an eye on the changes and avoid using removed features as … From the terminal we start a new project. In this article, I'll highlight them with a walkthrough of a simple Vue 3 app. Setup We’ll use the … In this presentation, I am going to talk to you about some of the new and exciting features coming to Vue 3. By utilizing ES2015, Vue 3 will eliminate current reactivity limitations. To test the beta of Vue 3 we must start with a project in Vue 2. Version 3.1.1. Which features are you most looking forward to? Vue 3 New Features. We have just covered some of the main Vue 3 features. Vue.js 3.0 features. Understand the need for the new tool and the benefits of upgrading. Let's gradually experience the development process of Vue 3.0 from the perspective of project development. Vue.js 3. The Vue.js Core team is bringing some exciting new features in Vue 3. According to Evan You, Vue 3 will be faster, smaller, more maintainable, and easier to target native development. Can I use Vue 3 or should I still use Vue 2 for a new project? In project development, we usually need to create a new page and then add routing configuration, Today we published a new article on our blog, Exciting New Features in Vue 3, written by Filip Rakowski (co-founder of Vue Storefront). Vue 3 Playground. Vue 3 Playground stands as a learning project for those who want to get familiar with the new features of Vue 3. In Vue 2, we used the Options API to pass various options during component configuration: In general, the goal is a smooth transition over to Vue 3. The latest version Vue 3.0 will make the Vuejs app development better, faster, and more powerful. No Reactivity Caveats. By utilizing new ES2015 features, Vue 3 will eliminate the current reactivity limitations i.e. This is not something you have to read from top to bottom before trying out Vue 3. If you decide to use Vue for a new production project, the official recommendation is to still start with Vue 2 right now. This guide is primarily for users with prior Vue 2 experience who want to learn about the new features and changes in Vue 3. In this tutorial, learn about the new features shipping with Vue CLI 3.0. How to test this beta. Good to see that Vue has already been stabilized and ready to waltz into our projects. If you find something missing please create an issue/PR. This is a big deal as NativeScript-Vue is getting wide acceptance in the NativeScript community. Description: Vue 3.0 is scheduled to be released in Q1 2020. Photo courtesy of NASA. Read full article. Vue 3.0 basic features experience. Contribute to daiyanze/vue-next-features development by creating an account on GitHub.